Red Shovel trimmed some shrubs which I had delayed doing anything about for years. Their work exceeded my expectations.  -Leslie Pagett


Red Shovel was the right choice for us when we decided to undertake an entire yard renovation after purchasing a home that was neglected for several years. They took our sad dirt and weed filled yard and transformed it into a beautiful floral and grassy oasis. – Ziggy Stardust


Great company and excellent work. Lorenzo and Arturo did a great job replacing my sprinkler system and fixing the drip system. They were fast and efficient and were very nice and helpful. Thank you! -Marissa Salazar


Jose and Miguel have always done excellent work in maintaining our yard over the years. They work together well as a team, and are always thoughtful, considerate, and thorough. Because of their valuable knowledge about landscaping, they always offer suggestions on ways for us to maintain our yard so it looks in tip-top shape. I highly recommend them, and Red Shovel Landscape for getting completely professional landscaping services. -William Holloway


I’ve had Red Shovel do a few projects at my home and they’ve always done amazing jobs. They were able to eliminate 99% of the goat head stickers from my overgrown backyard in a single visit (seriously, it was like magic, they even removed it from the dirt underneath). I’ve also had them trim my tree and Miguel and Jose did an excellent job shaping it. Thanks guys! -Talking Toaster


Excellent service! Red shovel was on time and did all the work they said they would do. Our yard is very neat and clean now. Workers and administrators are courteous and competent. Highly recommended. Big thanks to Jose, Miguel, and Perfecto! -David Ivey


Blake Kelly & Gus are awesome. The Christmas lights installed looked great & brought many smiles to our Guests! Keep up the good work!! -William Nelson


We have enlisted the services of Red Shovel for our Christmas décor for the past several years. We receive constant compliments from neighbors and passerby’s. The ease and convenience of the service they provide make for an easy and joyous holiday season. Thanks! -Chris Buttner


Red Shovel designed and re-landscaped our front yard last summer and we were so pleased with the results that we contracted them to design and re-landscape our backyard this spring. Kenny, Jose, Miguel, Tate, and Larson were easy to work with, responsive to our concerns, and patient when we made changes. They were all very attentive and eager to ensure we were happy with the end result. We are very happy with both landscaping projects Red Shovel completed for us and will not hesitate to use them for future projects. Thank you for a great job! -Rebecca Chappelle


Jose and Miguel did a great job trimming the trees at my office. They didn’t take too much off and did exactly what I asked them to do. –Debbie Casaus


I could not be more pleased with the Christmas lights and the professional service I received from Blake, Kelly, Gus, Marcus, Tait, Jose and Miguel. -William Henderson


Jose and Miguel did a wonderful job! All the shrubs and trees were pruned very nicely. They cleaned up the yard and didn’t leave any leaves or twigs. I am very impressed with Red Shovel. -Valerie Greif


Gus and Marcus did a fabulous job! Their tree and shrub trimming was first rate and the clean-up was perfect. I can’t recommend Red Shovel highly enough. We have used them for years and wouldn’t have anyone else care for our yard. -Nancy Adams


We love Red Shovel! They are reliable, affordable, and pay close attention to detail. I especially love — as a mother of twins — that Jose & Javier can still make our yard look great, even when they arrive to a mess of toys and bikes strewn all over! -Heather Brewer


Jose, Miguel, Perfecto, great job. Very professional & hard workers. With be calling this company again. Thank you. -George Dutchman


We had been having turf problems for years. Our grass would die in spots every summer, and no one could figure it out. I then called Scott Pilgreen an Agronomist and Turf Specialist with Red Shovel. He took soil and grass samples, had laboratory analysis performed, and identified the problem. With this knowledge, he was able to treat and eliminate the issue. He also monitors the property to stay ahead of any other potential problems. In addition, Ryan, Red Shovel’s Technician who applies the various lawn applications, is exceptional. He is knowledgeable, professional, friendly and very thorough. We should all be so lucky to have employees like Ryan. -Kirk Allen


Chris, Chad, and the crew completed a new landscape installation for our backyard from Kenny’s design. The initial work was done under very cold February conditions and completed after weekend warming with onsite flexibility given to minor changes we requested. The project was efficiently and professionally accomplished transforming our sandbox into a beautiful and manageable environment. Emphasis was given to water conservation and the preservation of sight lines even as the plants mature. One generally gets what one pays for, and in this case our money was well spent. Kudos to a company that backs up what they represent upon first contact! -Leland Brodehl


I have been using Red Shovel for about 5 years or more and over time have had a few different men working on my landscaping at my house. For some time now, Josh and Javier, have been coming here and are doing a great job, throughout all four seasons. I post a note on my front door on “Landscaping Day” which might have special requests. If I’m not here, both guys know exactly what to do. Besides the regular mowing of grass, shoveling snow, or gathering leaves, they always groom the place before leaving. I really like the fact that Red Shovel maintains my property all year long rather than on a seasonal basis. -Gene Glover


My wife and I just had our backyard designed by Kenny and created by Jose, Miguel, Larson and Tait and we love the results. We couldn’t be happier to finally have a backyard that we will be able to enjoy. Thank you all! -Ron Frazier


The entire team at Red Shovel has been fantastic to work with. Their office staff is always helpful and informative, and their crews have always done right by me. They stopped a fungal disease from killing two very large and beautiful Ponderosa Pines I have in my front yard and Marcus and Jorge keep my entire property looking great; very clean and well groomed, really makes the house ‘pop’ with curb appeal. Thanks for all you do Red Shovel!
I would very highly recommend this company for all of your landscaping needs! –C.A. Johnson


Red Shovel did a great job with a backyard renovation my wife and I had done. The backyard was a complete mess, weeds everywhere, trees overgrown and landscape boulders throughout the yard with no real form or function. From the landscape design to clean up to implementation of design was flawless and was delivered faster then quoted. The team installed artificial turf, brought in rock, poured a small patio and used existing landscape boulders to erect a great planter that really tied the backyard together. The team also cleaned up the front yard, pulling weeds, pruning an existing tree, planting a few shrubs, and blowing out weed seeds and leaves. They left the house clean and beautiful. We won’t work with another landscape company for our future needs. Thanks Red Shovel. -Leah Rush


From the day you landscaped our yard, years ago, to the present you have maintained the yard exceptionally well. We have been told numerous times that the yard looks like it came out of Sunset magazine. Josh and Javier have always met each request with professional response. Thank you for the care you provide, John, Marshall, Scott and everyone in the office. –Lee black