Lawn Care

We think your grass should be as gorgeous as a golf course.

The Red Shovel Lawn Team is the best in Albuquerque! -assembled and led by Scott Pilgreen, an
Agronomist and Turf Scientist. Scott is also a former professional golf course Superintendent… (see where we’re going here?)

We use only golf course quality products to nurture your grass.

These eco-friendly fuels produce a stronger, healthier, greener lawn that your neighbors
will envy.

And We figure if your lawn is as gorgeous as a golf course, you won’t have to work on it, so you’ll have more time to watch the kids run through the sprinkler, and you can walk around barefoot and do things like…wonder who to invite over to your outdoor barbecue.

Let us take care of it… for you. Our lawn specialist will keep your lawn lush, green and super healthy. We love this job!

Enjoy cutting your own grass? Great! We customize a plan that allows you to do as little, or as much, as you like.

Call +1 (505) 243-2277, fill out our web form, or send us an email at:

“We had been having turf problems for years. Our grass would die in spots every summer, and no one could figure it out. I then called Scott Pilgreen an Agronomist and Turf Specialist with Red Shovel. He took soil and grass samples…and was able to treat and eliminate the issue. In addition, Ryan, Red Shovel’s Technician who applies the various lawn applications, is exceptional. He is knowledgeable, professional, friendly and very thorough. We should all be so lucky to have employees like Ryan.” Kirk Allen

Eight Nutrient Applications per Year (to keep your grass healthy and strong.)
Seasonal Nutrient Mixes
(to provide a balanced diet of Nitrogen,
Phosphorous and Potassium for stronger
roots, greener grass and stress protection.)
Two Pre-Emergent Herbicide Treatments
(to kill weed seeds.)
Unlimited Post-Emergent Herbicide Treatments
(to get rid of any out-of-the-ground weeds.)
On-Call Lawn Care Assistance
(to answer your landscape questions.)
Springtime Lawn Aeration
(to make it easier for your grass to breath.)
Periodic Green Area “Well Checks”
(to spot problems early on.)
NMAD Licensed Technicians
(because you deserve the best.)
Treatment of Any Health Threatening Problems
(to eradicate disease and pest problems.)
Golf Course Quality Nutrients/ Fertilizers
(because Golf Course Superintendents know
what’s best.)
Consistent Service with Heart
(because we want you to be happy.)