Weed Control

Your Weeds Don’t Stand A CHANCE

Invasive weeds rob your grass and plants of the water and nutrients they need and they RUIN the look of your yard! They are a menace. And they must be defeated.


With our Miracle Weed Control you’ll never need to pick up a hoe or pull your back pulling a weed, ever again.

We guarantee your yard weedfree beautiful all season long, for just $495.95 (coverage up to 10,000 square feet)

Here’s what we do:

  1. First, we blanket your gravel and mulch areas; driveways, sidewalks, patio cracks and expansion joints with our Pre-Emergent solution that will prevent weed seeds from sprouting.
  1. This golf coursequality treatment is safe, won’t discolor your landscape, and has little to no odor.
  1. Then, we follow up with another Pre-Emergent treatment and a full Post-Emergent application to make sure we defeat even your most stubborn, most EVIL weeds.
  1. Throughout the year we return for 3 scheduled Post-Emergent spot applications to ensure you STAY weed free.
  1. You get our Weed Free Guarantee! because this service really does work wonders.
  1. We’ll also perform periodic “Yard Health Checks” to ensure your lawn, shrubs, flowers, and trees are growing like they should.
  1. You’ll believe it’s MAGIC. But it’s really just the great work of our state-licensed, Heroic Technicians.

Even so, be please advised: magical words like “Alaca-zazz!” and “Alaca-BOOOOOM!” should ONLY
be used by our highly-trained Red Shovel technicians and our supernatural garden gnome helpers.


call now, and watch the MAGIC happen.

Call +1 (505) 243-2277, fill out our web form, or send us an email at: dig@redshovel.com.

Excellent service! Red shovel was on time and did all the work

they said they would do. Our yard is very neat and clean now.

Workers and administrators are courteous and competent.

Highly recommended. Big thanks to Jose, Miguel, and Perfecto!”

-David Ivey