Trees & Shrubs

We love trees and shrubs. They form the backbone of your outdoor areas.

They help frame your yard, provide privacy and create a habitat for wildlife.

A well-kept layout will enliven your yard and make it a pleasant destination.

Of course, they require attention and that’s where we come in. We provide the care your trees and shrubs deserve.

Our “Deep Watering Program” ensures that your trees receive the correct amount of water, at the proper depth, and the right time.

Proper watering strengthens the roots of your trees, helps prevent wind damage and discourages unsightly surface roots.

Our Tree and Shrub Well Care Program provides seasonal cutting and shaping to ensure your trees and shrubs stay healthy and look their best.

So, let us take care of them for you.

Your trees and shrubs will love you.   And, if you love our work. And, we love your trees and shrubs…Well, that’s a lot of love going around.

“Gus and Marcus did a fabulous job! Their tree and shrub trimming was first rate and the clean-up was perfect. I can’t recommend Red Shovel highly enough. We have used them for years and wouldn’t have anyone else care for our yard,” -Nancy Adams.

Give your trees and shrubs the attention they deserve.

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