Pest Control

Let the Red Shovel team of licensed technicians get rid of pests and insects in and around your home, and keep them away.

Why risk the health of your family or suffer the embarrassment of an invasion of nasty bugs or insects?

Our trained technicians will wrap your home in an envelope of protection using eco-friendly solutions to eradicate pests and keep them away.

We’ll create a pest-free band around your house that will keep spiders from crawling in your windows, stop cockroaches from dancing under your sinks, and turn away any ant that dares to cross the line.

Every eight weeks our State Licensed Technicians will return to reinforce your eco-friendly protection.

We can even do Interior spot applications.

Periodically, we’ll conduct “Well Checks” of your lawn, garden, shrubs and trees to make sure they’re growing like they should.

Press the tab below to see just how little it cost to say

“Adios Amigos” to these unwanted pests.

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